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In case you aren’t able to attend our live Monday classes, you can also purchase access to the following #educationalvideos to learn on your own schedule.

These sessions differ from the “live” Monday, #zoomclasses. They are pre-recorded for use in an individual for #homeschooling or #classroominstruction setting as a #teacherresource without the one-on-one interactive features of the zoom sessions.

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Fall, 2020 Mondays at the Museum: Journey through the Metropolitan Museum of Art

STEM @ the Museum

STEM @ the Museum

Explore how STEM is found and used in art and at museums! This 1/2 hour video provides a fun, new way to interact with basic STEM principles and also exposure to the fine art collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, via their virtual, #metkids portal.

*Supporting Document includes: List of standards, presentation script & quiz

*only available with Teachers Pay Teachers purchase

“I love these lessons and hope my students are as excited as I am when they view them. Everything is provided to be able to take the content and make my own version videos for my students. Most of my students will never have the chance to visit a museum or gallery, so I have wanted to do virtual museum tours but found the task quite overwhelming. These videos are a perfect starting point. I have personally learned a lot about planning this type of lesson from these lessons!”
Rating: 5/5 (extremely satisfied)

Tour the Met

Tour the Met, Full Course

1: Intro to Museums & the Met 2: Reading Art at the Met, 3: Met through the lens of Social Studies 4: STEM at the Museum 5: Through the lens of Performing Arts 6: Exit ticket

*Supporting Documents include Lesson outline & scripts with live link

*only available with Teachers Pay Teachers purchase

“I’ve been a teacher for 23 years and I love art, but learning how to teach it to kids after all this time has been a learning curve. You have been a lifesaver!”

Teachers Pay Teachers purchaser

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