For Purchase: Educational Videos

In case you aren’t able to attend our live Monday classes, you can also purchase access to the following #educationalvideos to learn on your own schedule.

These sessions differ from the “live” Monday, #zoomclasses. They are pre-recorded for use in an individual for #homeschooling or #classroominstruction setting as a #teacherresource without the one-on-one interactive features of the zoom sessions.

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Fall, 2020 Mondays at the Museum: Journey through the Metropolitan Museum of Art

STEM @ the Museum

STEM @ the Museum

Explore how STEM is found and used in art and at museums! This 1/2 hour video provides a fun, new way to interact with basic STEM principles and also exposure to the fine art collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, via their virtual, #metkids portal.

Supporting Document includes: List of standards, presentation script & quiz

Tour the Met

Tour the Met, Full Course

1: Intro to Museums & the Met 2: Reading Art at the Met, 3: Met through the lens of Social Studies 4: STEM at the Museum 5: Through the lens of Performing Arts 6: Exit ticket

Supporting Documents include Lesson outline & scripts with live link

Here’s a sample of Session 6:

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