My Top 5 Favorite Online Museum Platforms

This week I’m preparing for another Varsity Tutors Large format course, on Monday, February 22, at 7pm EST/ 5pm MST: “Making Your Family’s Museum Visit Magical.” In this 2nd of 2 presentations I’ll virtually visit three museums and utilize their online platforms to demonstrate some tools and activities to make museum going fun for theContinue reading “My Top 5 Favorite Online Museum Platforms”

Looking back to look forward

In the next few months I’ll be expanding my content creation for Mondays @ the Museums to provide new live and recorded videos on a number of topics related to museums and the world of informal education. While putting together my budget projections for the upcoming calendar year, I had to ask myself “why” again.Continue reading “Looking back to look forward”

Reflecting towards the New Year: 2020 is almost over (Huzzah!)

Mondays @ the Museum has made it 5 months from inception and 4 months from incorporation!  When I first started Mondays @ the Museum, it was in response to a need for supplemental income and a realization that I had a unique (and possibly profitable)  skill set that others might actually benefit from. My skillContinue reading “Reflecting towards the New Year: 2020 is almost over (Huzzah!)”

What is Mondays @ the Museum “selling?”

Recently I was introduced to a marketing professional who specializes in developing LMS or Learning Management Systems. For those that are unfamiliar with the term (as I was), “A learning management system is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.Continue reading “What is Mondays @ the Museum “selling?””

STEM @ the Museum: Educational Video

It’s alive!! STEM @ the Museum is the next iteration of the Mondays @ the Museum product development experiment. Similar to Frankenstein’s monster, this video takes and modifies parts from Session 4 of the Tour the Met course: “STEM at the Museum.” Hopefully, different from that poor monster, these re-used clips and re-written script andContinue reading “STEM @ the Museum: Educational Video”

Rethinking the product, aka. Pivoting

Today I spent my time re-writing a single lesson. But it’s SO MUCH BETTER! The change was sparked by one phone call, or voicemail message. I had previously pitched my initial course product to my daughter’s 3rd grade online school teacher, to get her insight and to see if she might be interested in tryingContinue reading “Rethinking the product, aka. Pivoting”