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Fall 2 Live-zoom course Registration is now open!

Click on the image below to register for our Fall 2, 2020 course through the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

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Registration is now closed for Fall, 2020 Metropolitan Museum course

Here’s a sample of a recorded version of the Fall, 2020 Metropolitan Museum Session 1 for Elementary

-Mom from our 3rd grade test class

Mondays @ the Museum is an #e-learning service that “unboxes” free online museum collection platforms, for students, teachers and parents. These virtual experiences provide curated paths through these platforms based on easily accessible and relevant topics using tried and true Museum and Informal Educational facilitation tools. These #onlinecourses and #educationalvideos provide students, teachers and parents with exposure to the world of museums through close observation, inquiry skills and the development of prior knowledge needed to make the most of in-person (and virtual) museum visits to local and international institutions and a life-long love of learning and preservation of world #arts&culture!

Museums are more than just buildings, or places to visit once on a field trip, now they’re accessible EVERYWHERE  for EVERYONE! 


Each course looks at age and grade appropriate content through the lens of a single museum. Each 3 or 6 week course will virtually explore a different museum’s online collection platform providing access to different collections and museum genres from Encyclopedic museums such as the Met or the British Museum, or Natural History Museums such as the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History or Cultural Art museums, such as  the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. 

What does it look like? 

30-50 minute virtual classes (zoom) 


Time & Grade level

9am -9:50 1st & 2nd

10am-10:50 3rd & 4th

11am -11:50  5th & 6th

What’s in it for parents & teachers?

These free resources are readily available to parents and teachers, but this is your chance to have a museum professional curate a meaningful experience and pathway through these vast and sometimes overwhelming resources for you! 

With a shift to online classes at the schools, field trips to local museums have been halted and access to the usual informal education support system for teachers to spark that extra light for learning is lacking. Why not take it to the next level, and visit the Met or Smithsonian!?

My hope is that with this course, students and parents will feel more confident in finding and utilizing the amazing local museum resources in person!

After each class session parents/grown-ups will receive:

  • Session Slides with links
  • Recorded Zoom meeting
  • Link to follow-up activities for the whole family

What does it cost? 

Cost: Full, virtual, 6 week course is $120; Full, virtual 3 week course is $60

When does it start? 

Fall 1 The Metropolitan Museum of Art: REGISTRATION CLOSED

September 14-October 19

Fall 2 Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History REGISTER NOW!

Three week course: November 2 – November 16

Payment/registration due: October 30

Winter  The Art Institute of Chicago

January 25-March 1

Spring  Casa Azul, Mexico City (Frida Khalo’s Home)

April 12-May 17

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