STEM @ the Museum: Educational Video

It’s alive!!

“Viktor Nikolanstein & Alexgor (El jovencísimo Frankenstein)” by Jaime Nicolau is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

STEM @ the Museum is the next iteration of the Mondays @ the Museum product development experiment. Similar to Frankenstein’s monster, this video takes and modifies parts from Session 4 of the Tour the Met course: “STEM at the Museum.” Hopefully, different from that poor monster, these re-used clips and re-written script and class flow show a more refined approach to introducing children (and teachers) to an elegant intersection of the Arts and Sciences by way of the museum as a platform.

So as not to repeat the same blog that I wrote to explore the previous STEM at the Museum live class. I’ll try to keep this short and share in an entirely different direction.

3 Ways I’m like Dr. Frankenstein

  1. Dr. Frankenstein was driven to utilize his passion and talents to try and create life out of a sense of loss. I am driven too by a sense of loss, to a point. This project is a project of passion informed by my talents & experience, but only so much as I was forced to find a passion to fill a loss of income when I was in dire need of that income and focused on a talent and a certain set of experiences that seemed easier to pull from in my current setting and with the tools at hand.
  2. Dr. Frankenstein collected an assortment of random and untested tools to create a make-shift lab, in a secluded, damp workspace and machine with which to create his monster. I have also assembled quite an assortment of new tools with which to create my monster and continue to build my machine with tools such as: Elegant Teleprompter App, a bendy phone clip to attach the teleprompter to my computer, an assortment of (old fashioned, found in the basement) clip on lights to provide proper video lighting (and to hide the dark circles under my eyes), my live-class is recorded in my basement near a front loading washer that needs some mold -clean up, and I just downloaded a new video editing software to combine my different limb-like clips.
  3. Dr. Frankenstein was somewhat of an outlier amongst his fellow medical students. While I wouldn’t say I’m really an outlier, I AM the only one of my peers (save maybe one that I can think of) that has chosen to explore the monetization of museum education outside of the constraints of a particular museum or institution’s infrastructure.

3 Ways I’m not like Dr. Frankenstein

  1. I am not trying to create life, nor seeking to destroy that which I have created because I’ve made it with such abandon that I forgot it might need some good TLC to keep growing.
  2. I am not a Doctor of any kind
  3. I am not crazy…or am I? Mwah ha ha ha ha!

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