Rethinking the product, aka. Pivoting

Today I spent my time re-writing a single lesson. But it’s SO MUCH BETTER! The change was sparked by one phone call, or voicemail message. I had previously pitched my initial course product to my daughter’s 3rd grade online school teacher, to get her insight and to see if she might be interested in trying it out on her class. What I think my gut knew, but my laziness and eagerness to follow through on my initial intent didn’t want to acknowledge, is that teachers need very specific things. Not whole, 6-part video series at 30 minutes a pop. Even if they can modify and cut down the 6 part series, they don’t have the bandwidth to do that. You must give them EXACTLY what they need in an easy to implement package. She asked if I was interested in presenting my STEM session to her class. Yeah, totally! I kicked myself for missing the obvious, from years of working with teachers, for the wishful thinking of a quick buck. Ugh!

So, today, I modified my 4th session and completely re-thought my next steps in the development of my product. BE SPECIFIC. I have a 4th grader and a 3rd grader. So, essentially, this is my 3rd time through 3rd grade, (including my own experience). My product this year, will be geared towards 3rd grade. This also provides far more structure to work with, as I can be even more specific in my content standard connections. I love to think in the one-room-school house mindset, where all can learn from various entry points, but that, unfortunately in this setting, is not practical. The best part is, that being home with my 3rd grader as they make their way through their online curriculum, I’m able to glean what kind of content focus is actually happening and how it’s being disseminated to the students. I will also be offering each class in three ways, each at a different price point.

1. PowerPoint/Google Slides + script & quiz

2. Video + PowerPoint/Google Slides+ script & quiz and

3. Personal delivery (over zoom/google classroom) + Video + PowerPoint/Google Slides + script & quiz.

Having gone through the full 6 part series of the Met, I now have the foundational content that I can build upon for more bite-sized material that is easier to market and easier to consume. I still say, no harm in going big right out of the gate, but I’m starting to find my stride.

Be on the lookout for a new and improved: STEM @ the Museum class with 3rd grade specific learning goals following CCSS-Math, NGSS and National Arts Standards, expert-led explorations with fun-pattern finding exercises through the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s virtual #metkids platform and assessment tools (easy quiz) for classroom integration.

With a product to sell, I will begin to rev back up my marketing plan and keep this party going.

One thought on “Rethinking the product, aka. Pivoting

  1. Bravo, Emily!! Your eureka moment is priceless. This is the way to entrepreneurship -sensing the obvious. I love you ❤️💕

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