Mondays @ the Museum Behind-the-Scenes – Week 6: Review and Culmination

Week 1 Intro to the Museum 

Week 2 Gallery/Topic Exploration: Reading ART

Week 3 Gallery/ Topic Exploration: looking through a Social Studies lens 

Week 4 Gallery/ Topic Exploration: looking through a S.T.E.M. lens 

Week 5 Gallery/ Topic Exploration: Experiencing with Performing Arts 

Week 6 Review and culmination exercises

MONDAY: October 19, 2020

“Can we please meet again next week for another visit to the museum?!”

1st grade Mondays @ the Museum Live-Zoom class participant, at our “goodbye” time

Today was a bittersweet final live-zoom class for Mondays @ the Museum. While I am somewhat thrilled to have my Monday mornings back, I am truly going to miss these intelligent, eager learners that I’ve been blessed to have called my students for the past 6 weeks.

My intent with this course is first for the student: to provide useful skills that can be applied in any museum or learning space, whether in-person or virtual, to better appreciate and engage with a broad range of collections, using the Met as a jumping off point. My intention for the adults viewing or participating (or watching in the background) is also to provide skills for learning and observing and leading their child through intentional questioning in multiple situations. It is also to “unbox” the #metkids platform, (and eventually other museum collection virtual platforms). This intent is primarily so that the virtual collections that have taken years to develop and produce and share are used to their greatest impact! I love seeing lists of the “15 best virtual museum visits” for parents and teachers going around on Pinterest. But, I am concerned that just access isn’t enough. The guide can make all the difference and I LOVE being that guide!

Today the students guided me through the exploration. Now, armed with prior knowledge of museum, art& artifact terminology, the right questions for the right contexts and a general sense of ownership and solidity with the space and collection, the students took the wheel and we had a blast!

At one point the 1st grader pointed to an interactive part of the “Time Machine” tool that I hadn’t noticed before. We clicked and had a good laugh as the time machine “broke” with a theatrical crack and we were chided playfully by the site while being given a random art-work to explore together. Try it out for yourself HERE

Funny enough, both classes found their way to a Western Apache animal skin cloak, without any nudging from me, which we interacted with in completely different and fascinating ways!

For the next few Mondays, I will be taking the day off from zoom instruction, but will continue to write about and work to amplify the materials and content for Mondays @ the Museum and all of its future iterations with all the wonderful insights I’ve soaked up from my amazing students.

The arts, it has been said, cannot change the world, but they may change human beings who might change the world.

Maxine Green

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